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Chris Thomas

   Landon Audio is professionally owned and operated by engineer/producer Chris FKN Thomas. A lifelong musician and multi-instrumentalist, Chris studied Recording Technology at California State University, Monterey Bay where he received a Bachelor's of Arts in Music. 

       As a musician himself, Chris has a unique insight into the recording process. He understands the creative mind, and works diligently to help each artist achieve their individual goals. Whether working with an individual artist, small group, or full band, Chris can help with making difficult production decisions as well as implenting fresh creative ideas.

  • As a recording engineer, Chris is always willing to experiment with new techniques in the studio

  • Years of experience and a breadth of knowledge of his equipment means that Chris can quickly find the right tool for any job

  • A wide variety of quality mics, well-maintained instruments, amps, and more allow Chris to accomodate all types of projects

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